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    • Do you want to be a distributor?
    • Do you want to be a distributor?

      In Biomedical Therapy & Technologies SL, we have a very important space allocated for the engine of our company, the "Distributors" because we are committed to promote professional development and business growth, so we believe and trust in professional collaborations may exist with companies nationally and internationally. We are committed to teamwork and passion for medical technology and its applications in health benefit are the values shared by all company professionals. If you share our philosophy and want to work in a successful company, Biomedical Therapy & Technologies SL, offers the possibility.

      Our company continues to grow and to do this we need to have more and more distribution points, wanting to improve every day. If you think your company can provide strength, creativity and development of our project, register to start.


      Legal disclaimer

      Biomedical Therapy to publicize different ways and opportunity markets always uses its own web and channel public and free pages. Any other announcement concerning collaborations is fraudulent and outside the responsibility of the company.



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