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      Biomedical Therapy ® appears in Spain in 2006, the result of the integration of a team of autonomous healthcare professionals with extensive knowledge and extensive experience of over 12 years, becoming Biomedical Therapy & Technologies S.L. in 2013. In just four years, Biomedical Therapy® went from being one more, to be among the first companies distributing medical equipment allowing us to offer the most complete services supply, manufacturing and technical advice to customers in the sector: Health, orthopedic, Rehabilitation, Cosmetic and Aesthetic among others. And personalized advice to patients with chronic problems or referred by their specialists.

      Our primary concern is to meet all the needs that our client may have, whatever the size or volume of your business, we are at your disposal.

      Apart from our advice and personalized attention, among our most appreciated services is the delivery of products in 24-48 hours in the peninsula, prepaid for minimum orders, distributing all their staff for a lead agency and absolute confidence in the sector: MRW-Clínic.

      All of our commercial technicians who make up this company has advanced training in emergency medicine, aid courses and assistant medical transport, since we understand that there is no better way to understand the needs of our customers, who know their tools and their perfect application to this field.

      Our company is located in Barcelona, in the area of Vallés, located in the municipality of Mogoda. Among our facilities we have a general office business management, logistics warehouse and several vehicles.

      Biomedical Therapy® has the absolute security of having the equipment and most suitable knowledge to provide service to its customers, with full dedication and ultimately, with the utmost respect for all of them who as end user, should our greatest and most demanding seriousness to implement market, equipment that facilitate and assist in a straightforward manner to the benefit and health care.



      • Personalized attention
      • Official Warranty
      • Own Technical Service and Department of Post-Sale
      • Specialists medical products and health
      • Licenses for sale of medical products
      • Show-Room for training and equipment demonstrations
      • Tax data of the visible company
      • Multiple forms of payment and financing option
      • Home delivery and possibility of express shipments
      • Maximum security in your purchase
      • Certified quality
      • Products in stock with immediate delivery
      • Delivery VAT invoice and warranty
      • Special service for wholesale distributors and national and international



      We offer the customer a highly qualified staff, who advise and lead to good end the inquiry or customer need.



      Our customer types are very different, to private customers, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and companies classified by:

      public and private hospitals.

      dentistry, veterinary clinics, beauty centers, physical therapy and massage

      national and multinational companies

      Schools (schools, training centers, universities, institutes, academies, etc.)

      sports centers and gyms

      Other institutions and companies (public bodies, town halls, laboratories, foundations, NGOs, firefighters, Civil Protection, airports, shopping centers, etc.)

      private clients



      Our commitment to customers is to always offer the best prices with the highest quality, this leads to the continued search for products with the latest and most advanced technology. All our products have been carefully selected among the best and most prestigious brands in the world, ideal to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

      We base our policy operating in the "Consulting / Quality / Price" concept, so in addition to offering the best services to our customers, we also offer the best prices because we work directly with our factories, which eliminates intermediaries and ensures quality and originality of all our products and we save physical store concept, which enables us to offer the best quality / price ratio.

      We are ready to handle any situation related to our learning from any errors that might occur and ensuring that not happen again in future products. We maintain a quality control department ensures that the products we offer are of excellent quality.




      Besides having the best prices for orders "Special", we are the first of the entire network to offer rates "Professionals" (focused on distributors and industry professionals) and rates "Distributors" designed for professionals wholesalers who require a high turnover of products .



      We have technical service we guarantee an official after-sales service.

      We are present in several cities in Spain and different countries through our own company, distributors and partners.






      We know that nobody likes shipping, so we guarantee free shipping paritr a minimum purchase amount.

      All orders received before 12:00 Hs are shipped the same day, which guarantees that the order will be delivered within 24/48 next few hours. All shipments include tracking number, which you can check the link of our MRW-Clinic.