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    • Ref. manufacturer: ST-E150
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    Comfortable unit of effort To load, not depending on the speed, a brake is used eddy current high quality with continuous torque regulation computer assisted.

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      Comfortable unit of effort

      To load, not depending on the speed, a brake is used eddy current high quality with continuous torque regulation computer assisted. This regulation, together with the ideal sizing of the oscillating mass, leads to a sense of comfort when pedaling, allowing the patient to fully exploit its reserves. The mechanism, with the latest components, runs almost noiseless, even at high speed.

      Stable construction, individual configuration

      The progressive regulation of the seat height and handlebar allows optimal sitting position. The handlebar can also be adjusted horizontally. The wide space between the handlebars and saddle is particularly advantageous for elderly and disabled users. The comfortable seat incorporates the latest of bicycle ride industry developments. Depending on the scope (.. Eg, pulmonary function tests of athletes, rehabilitation, etc.), it may be convenient to use saddles differently: for this reason, the bar of the saddle is provided with a standard connection that enables you installing any conventional seat model. The rugged aluminum and tubular steel chassis ergometer and the drive unit easily withstands weights up to 160 kg.

      Centre-friendly control

      The control center is housed in the measuring head healthy bike 150 F and consists of a high performance electronic system controlled by computer. At the front of the measuring head are the controls and LCD high-resolution graphic display. The side of the measuring head is equipped with the screen facing the person operating the equipment; For this reason, on the upper side of the measuring head an indicator clearly visible to the patient speed LED is installed. If the equipment is used in areas of rehabilitation or training, it is possible and very easy to turn the probe so that the user can see the control unit and display.

      Comprehensive ergometry for cardiopulmonary diagnostics

      The modern electronic system controlled by bike sound processor 150 F is designed so that you can apply all conventional forms of stress control. Frequent or regular ergometry measurements can be automated through simple programming functions. In the menu guide management is explained step by step. In addition, through the RS-232 or USB connection it is possible to control the ergometer from an external PC program or ECG unit and request data. In this case it is not necessary to directly handle the ergometer, because this works completely automated with the program of the master computer. The LCD is shown in all loading frequency operating modes and, possibly, pulse rate in an alphanumeric field on a chart to see the state of the exercise test.


      High precision load

      Rotating measuring head

      Measurements controllable using a PC program or ECG / ergospirometer unit via the RS-232 connection

      Stable aluminum frame and tubular steel for a weight up to 160 kg

      Virtually maintenance

      Feeling very comfortable pedaling

      Very quiet even at high speeds

      Elegant housing insensitive to dirt

      We can install a posteriori a unit of measuring blood pressure accurately and interference test

      Electrically adjustable saddle height up to 160 Kg. (optional)

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