• ULTRACAV 2100
  • ULTRACAV 2100


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    • Ref. manufacturer: EI10101
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    Ultracav 2100 is a team with Aesthetic Medical Certification for medical use, for treatment cavitational ultrasound. It is the real alternative or integration to surgical liposuction.

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    • Extended description

      Ultracav 2100 is a team with Aesthetic Medical Certification for medical use for treatment cavitational ultrasounds. It is the real alternative or integration to surgical liposuction.It is an effective and safe method non-invasice painless and without side effects which can dissolve the fat without anesthesia or convalescence times. Suitable especially for:

      Cellulite treatment


      Localized fat

      Imperfections post-liposuction 

      Remodeling body porfile

      The team has two outputs and included the head of 25 cm2 ( 12 cm2  head is available on request).



      The best results are obtined in patients requiring a modest remodeling as lipodystrophy hips trochanters and abdomen aswell has a tonic and elastic and adipose tissue consistent and compact skin. They can be treated more air as the internal thigh knee ankle.

      Treat1ment of cavitation Ultracav 2100 is ideal for:

      Reduction of orange peel and disposal of fibro-fatty nodules of cellulite.

      Oxygenation and recascularization asphyxiated skin.

      Reduction of localized fat.

      Drain stagnant fluids.

      Reactivation of the peripheral circulation.

      Lipolytic absorption of active ingredients.

      Improvement of tone and elasticity of skin tissue.



      Where necessary to more effective treatment it is possible to infiltrations simple saline or distilled water in adipose tissue causing the district to treat more hydrated allowing further development of the phenomenon of cavitation. 

      It is recomended to perform the treatment in the fold not to involve any of the internal organs..

      After the emulsion of the fat tissue it should be drained through a manual massage or acupressure treatment or acoustic wave Pressomass Sculpture Evo.



      Cavitation Ultracav 2100 primarily affects fat cells as a result of the compression exerted by the cavitational wavescollapse releasiong waste products that are removed by the liver and excretores organs. For proper treatment with the cavitational ultrasound transdoucer hear-on the fold of rissue to be treated is used. Ultracav software presents diferent treatment protocols to contrast cellulite water retention and localized adiposity. You can manually adjunt the processing time by adjusting power and duty cycle.



      Power supply 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, ±10% – a richiesta 110 Vac, 50-60 Hz ±10%.

      Screen touch Screen a colori 6”.

      Proggrammable treatment time 1-30 Minutes.

      Trasmission frequency 38 Khz.

      11 pre-configured protocols.

      Costumizable protocols in the internal memory 100.

      Costumized protocols in Smart Card 100.

      Number of independent outputs 2.

      Size  39 x 31 x 86 H cm.

      Weight 28 Kg.


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