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    SoftLight is a gifted infrared laser apparatus two heads for bio-stimulant treatments on face, neck, chest and body. IR laser technology through the two heads, softlight influences bio structures

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    • Extended description

      Softlight es un aparato láser infrarrojo dotado de dos cabezales para realizar tratamientos bio-estimulantes en rostro, cuello, escote y cuerpo.


      IR laser technology

      Through the two heads, SOFTLIGHT influences biological structures that perform a basic action in skin repair processes.

      The laser IR (infrared) then acts as a stimulant for all those cellular metabolic processes that promote tissue maintenance. skin structure absorbs the illuminating surface and reacts with bioestimulantes effects, enzymatic tisutales fotoactivantes and regenerating thanks to the stimulation of microcirculation.

      The diode laser: an effective solution

      Softlight is equipped with 2 heads: I monodiodo for a more focused and limited multidiode for a wider surface area and an action, therefore an action in a wider area. thanks to this characteristic, Softlight allows optimal results in a short time and without particular problems in each area of ​​the face and body, without any inconvenience for both the operator and who

      undergoing treatment.

      Softlight spends a wavelength of 905 nm: this allows penetrate tissue without special side effects.

      Supplied, Softlight has an LCD graphic display showing all necessary information

      and through a comfortable encoder it allows you to quickly select the protocol to dispense (up to 100 programs). The use of smart card eventually creates custom-client cards.

      Technical characteristics:

      biostimulation and regeneration tisutal

      acceleration of collagen production

      increased synthesis of ATP (energy in cellular functions)

      Stimulation of micro-circle

      Elimination of toxins

      increase intra and extra cellular exchange

      reabsorption of interstitial fluids

      toning tissues

      Softlight application is useful for the following imperfections:

      Benefits and painless:



      Stretch marks

      age spots

      asphyxiated skin


      couperose, telangiectasia body


      bags, edema generally face and body

      The treatment is done at any time of year, without compromising the daily rate at which it is subjected. the results are measured with progressive increase in successive weeks.

      Supplied accessories:

      1 n.1 diode laser head 100 mW - acc539 / E

      n.1 laser head 5 mW diode 100 each - acc541 / E

      n.2 goggles - acc062b / E

      n.1 interlock (dongle) - acc539 / 2

      n.1 smart card - acc525

      n.1 user manual

      Intended use: ideal for professional and home use because of the simplicity of the instruction manual.

      Warranty: 2 years warranty

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