• RF BEAUTY 6000
  • RF BEAUTY 6000
  • RF BEAUTY 6000
  • RF BEAUTY 6000
  • RF BEAUTY 6000
  • RF BEAUTY 6000
  • RF BEAUTY 6000
  • RF BEAUTY 6000


    • Id Product: 01328
    • Ref. manufacturer: G3991
    • Brand: GLOBUS
    • Categoría: DIATHERMY
    • Destino de uso: Great for professional applications.
    • Garantía: 2 YEARS

    Diathermy rf Beauty 6000 Equipment recomended use in medical-aestheric centers. Capacitive and resistive mode of treatment.

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    • Extended description

      The treatment effect of diathermy is gradually achieve the deep collagen restructuring including aesthetic fibers that repleace the aged and make the most elastic tissue to form and improve the condition of the skin eliminating the traces of time with visible results from the first application as the immediate effect of diathermy is the collagen retraction .
      At the organic level siathermy in the deep dermis acts accelerates the metabolism of fat cell with the consequenct reduction of cellulite nodules. And fatty tissues are reduced and deep tissue is tightened. So at the body improving immediately the appearance of the skin gradually fighting sagging cellulite and fat deposits. 
      Is an indispensable complement for reducing treatments and accompanying decrease in body colume with a significant increase in skin firmness.

      Resistive and Capacitive diathermy (Tecartherapy) has 7 different electrons in three different radiofrequency techniques:

      3 capacitive, for working soft tissue or rich in water (blood, muscles, lymph).
      3 resistive resistant to work or tissues lacking in water (bone, cartilage, tendon). Non coated electrodes emit electric shock, skin avoiding sparks.
      1 bipolar, for work facial beauty (firming, wrinkle, restructuring).

      It also allows three modes of different work:

      Athermal: increased activation of cellular metabolism and cellular nutrition.
      Thermal: increased microcirculation, improves blood, tissue oxygenation active flow and promotes drainage.
      Hyperthermic: tissue remodeling, activation of metabolism, catabolic drainage and improves blood flow.
      His most compact and portable format, adds versatility to a team that can offer aesthetic professional, medical and physio, a wide range of treatments at its center.

      Facial weinkles.
      Eye wrinkles.
      Facial Lifting .
      Facial pimples.
      Anti age.
      Body acne.
      Body Wrinkles.
      Sensitive Skin wrinkles.
      Stretch marcks.
      Skin elasticity.
      Fibrous cellulite.
      Orange pell cellulite.
      Abdominal adiposity (woman).
      Hip adiposity (male).
      Legs adiposity (male).
      Upper limbs adiposity (male).
      Lymphatic drainage.
      Accessories included:
      A central unit rf Beauty 6000.
      A charger.
      A resistive head Dualtrode with three heads (30, 50, 70 mm).
      A capacitive Captrode with three heads (30, 50, 70 mm).
      A bipolar resistive head Monotrode of 30 mm.
      A counter plate for Dualtrode and Captrode.
      A container of  250 ml cream.
      A user manial
      A professional briefcase
      Thechnical characteristics:
      Power: 200 w c.a.+/-20%.
      Output: 2.
      Heads: CapTrode, DualTrode, Monotrode.
      Transmission frequency: 280 - 470 - 680 – 1000 KHz.
      Transmission power: resistive 200 w c.a. and capacitor 400 va t.v.
      Power suply:  220v 50/60 Hz.
      Dimensions: 17 x 22 x 6 cm.
      Weight: 900 gr.
      User interface: Ergonomy keyboard
      Display: color touch.
      Ce device




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