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    It is an apparatus which allows a significant skin exfoliation. It can be adopted by all beauty centers and medical-aesthetic centers qualified, attentive to the news and especially in scientific research.

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      It is an apparatus which allows a significant skin exfoliation. It can be adopted by all qualified cosmetic beauty centers and medical centers, attentive to the news and especially in scientific research.

      Corundum crystals:

      The cornea controlled exfoliation made with Deep Clean allows a thorough job on every skin type with particular attention to the subtle skin, and / or blotches.

      Treatment is provided by a disposable pen cap bored allowing the aspiration and dispensing of micro-crystals of corundum (reduced tiny mineral particles).

      The operator passes quickly but precisely the head (as if tracing lines with a pencil), on the tissue of the face and / or the body being treated. during the passage of the head, corundum powder, it disburses through the hole in the tissue beaten, it exfoliates. crystals with the burned skin,

      They aspire the same hole and convey the discharge vessel situated in the rear of the apparatus.

      At each step of the head, the operator removes an microestrato of skin surface whose thickness is proportional to the pressure employed, the amount of microcrystals leaving, and inversely proportional to the speed at which the spindle moves the treated part. maximum hygiene before

      and after each session is ensured either by replacement of the cap, such as using clean corundum crystals (Al203) shit in the deposit located in the rear. through such important exfoliation of the stratum corneum cells are removed and the lower layer is stripped

      new, fresh, more luminous. greater elasticity and tone is achieved.

      Staffing and technologies at the forefront:

      Staffing and disposable caps for absolute hygiene and tranquility of who runs and who are undergoing treatment.

      Backlit LCD display of 240x180 pixels and a timer programmable treatment up to 99 minutes.

      choice and dispense 10 different powers during treatment, and to customize the program step by step in regulating use abrasion based on the treaty and the area under treatment tissue.

      Italian design, minimalistic, ease of transport and the choice of important but elegant colors, make Deep Clean, easy to use instrument that combines in any aesthetic or medical / aesthetic context.

      Deep Clean has been done to successfully treat: hypertrophic scars, acne scars and chicken pox, stretch marks, skin pigmentation such as age spots calls also present and wrinkles in the hands of an excellent peeling on face and body for men and women .

      Immediate benefits for the customer:

      Advantages of the method

      ease of use by the operator

      It is natural, it does not require the use of chemicals;

      There is one who submits his crippling for consents a normal relationship life from the day of treatment.

      It is not painful, it does not require anesthesia;

      It is repeatable, usually at weekly intervals;

      consents one customer loyalty;

      It is highly remunerative. to end the cycle of total sessions, favors the double result in treatments applied on.

      Technical characteristics:

      mains supply 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, ± 10%

      115 VAC, 50-60 Hz, ± 10% (optional)

      maximum power absorbed by the network 200 will

      output channel 1

      backlit touch screen for viewing and control of operating parameters Graphic 800x600 pixels with touch technology

      Head emission frequency 450 KHz

      RF power expended 80 W continuous output.

      variation range of duty-cycle (5 ÷ 100)%

      interval programmable temperature variation (1 ÷ 100) ° c

      Programmable treatment time up to 99 minutes

      system anti-shock and anti-scald control if the head is out of the treatment area.

      100 programs memorized in the user memory

      100 programs memorized in the memory stick

      9 stored programs (for women)

      100 customers cards memorized user memory

      100 customers cards memorized in the memory usb

      container truck, external size (width x height x depth) 62x111x39 cm

      machine 20.2 Kg body weight

      Undoubted benefits for the customer:

      mains supply 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, ± 10%

      115 VAC, 50-60 Hz, ± 10% (optional)

      Backlit LCD display, alphanumeric 240x128 pixels

      Programmable treatment time up to 99 minutes

      1 output channels

      power regulation 10-100

      size 41x36x92 cm

      Machine body weight 32 kg

      Supplied accessories:

      n.1 head face / body acc1313 / E

      n.10 capuchones- acc1313 / 1 / E

      corundum boat n.1 2 Kg - acc1310 / 2 / E

      n.1 user manual

      Optional Accessories:

      Available accessories and spare parts unit.

      Intended use: ideal for professional and home use because of the simplicity of the instruction manual.

      Warranty: 2 years warranty

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